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With our support, you can be ready to:

  • Open a medical spa franchise business with the guidance of an experienced team and sophisticated system.

  • Provide medical care and provide esthetics services the way you knew it could be possible – with an eye for education, quality and efficiency.

This is a refined business model that has been time-tested, and patient approved.

We invite you to join us on the journey to provide excellent service and care to more patients in more markets!

  • Michael Pedro, MD, Founder & CEO

    Mike Pedro is a board-certified anesthesiologist, inventor, successful serial entrepreneur, and former Chief Medical Officer for the world's largest respiratory device company, Vyaire Medical.

  • Danielle Pedro, Co-Founder & COO

    Danielle is an engineer by training, has extensive experience developing, implementing, and driving processes, as well as scaling businesses.

  • Angela Lamothe, APRN, SVP of Training

    Angela has over 20 years of clinical experience. Angela is also the current GM for MD Esthetics, Windham and was the co-founder of MD Esthetics Academy.

  • Dominique Michaud, RN, VP of Implementation

    Dominique is the co-founder of MD Esthetics North Andover. Her strong leadership and clinical skills translated to a success launch as well as a profitable year one.

  • Michael Goss, CFO, Financial Strategist

    Michael is the current CFO for Coravin, an industry leader in wine preservation and has than 20 years of financial experience and executive leadership at both public and private companies.


Next, see how we can help…

Here are a few of the strategic ways our exceptional team helps you as you open a medical spa franchise and grow it over time:

  • Start-Up Guidance and Med Spa Buildout. Let us walk you through every step of med spa ownership, beginning with selecting and defining your space, and making it your very own MD Esthetics business that adheres to our operating standards of excellence.

  • Initial Training & Ongoing Support. We will train you and your team in every aspect of your business, and then stay invested in your business growth. Plan on a robust training experience, followed by ongoing coaching, including meetings to go over your numbers, discuss your goals, and help you reach them.

  • MD Esthetics Academy. That’s right! Our proprietary training academy is the perfect program for your team to learn best practices and work with confidence.

  • Proprietary Technology Tools. We know exactly what is needed to run an efficient, accurately benchmarked med spa business, with easy-to-use dashboards and other tools at your disposal, in addition to top-notch medical and esthetic service techniques. We’ll show you how to leverage it all!

  • Marketing Support. We will guide you on your local marketing campaigns with templated material, brand guide and access to a digital library, plus overall brand awareness, online presence, and other promotional benefits that come with being part of a branded network of medical spa franchises.

Are you ready to open a medical spa franchise that’s unparalleled in the industry?

We invite you to contact our team today to learn more.

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